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Jennifer Fegan-Szalay, LM, CM

New York State Licensed Midwife

ACNM/AMCB Certified Midwife


Home Birth ~ Waterbirth ~ Breastfeeding Support ~ Reiki

I believe in empowering women and families through birth

I believe that birth is a safe and natural process in a woman’s life cycle

I believe that women have the right to make informed choices about pregnancy, birth and postpartum care.

I believe in the power and beauty of birth.

The Blessingway

The Blessingway Ceremony is a Navajo tradition to honor a specific time or transition in one’s life. It is not just for mothers preparing for childbirth, but is for any person preparing for or celebrating a change or milestone. ┬áIt is both an honoring and a blessing.

As a mother prepares to bring her baby into the world, she may experience joy, fear, uncertainty, strength and ecstasy. As a midwife, I believe that my role at birth is to facilitate a safe and supportive environment for the family to embrace the process of welcoming their new little one.

Blessingway Prayer

From the heart of Earth, by means of yellow pollen
Blessing is extended.
Blessing is extended.
On top of a pollen floor may I there in blessing give birth!
With long life-happiness surrounding me
May I in blessing give birth!
May I quickly give birth!
In blessing may I arise again, in blessing may I recover,
As one who is long life-happiness may I live on!

-Navajo chant from the Blessingway Ceremony